The key to improving customer service relies on collecting data from customers at an operational level. These are what we call the customer interaction points, where changing and improving your approach to customer service can have the biggest impact.

Our Approach to Customer Satisfaction and Benchmarking Surveys in Construction and Utilities Sectors

We offer you a number of approaches to measuring and bench marking customer service and in most cases the feedback is collected over the phone or online. Some projects only require a one off exercise to help initiate customer service improvement plans while others are long term tracking programmes to measure changes over time and would be repeated every 3 or 6 months.

Most customer bench marking projects we carry out now incorporate a measurement of net promoter score (NPS). More can be found out about NPS here.

Our Experience in Customer Satisfaction Surveys in Construction

We are well qualified to help you in bench marking and measuring customer service levels and customer satisfaction as we have:

  • Completed over 30 customer benchmarking and service level measurement projects with more than 10,000 customer service interviews
  • A large databank of questions that we know have worked in effectively assessing performance
  • Proven experience in the construction, construction products and environmental industries, allowing us to quickly understand the key issues and deliver customer insights.

Our Track Record

Here are just a few examples of other projects we have completed. Many more case studies are available if required.